3 Easy Ways to Save Money

16th August 2017 Scott Howe 0

As humans enjoy instant gratification, many of us spend our money so natural that saving it would nearly sound impossible. However, we all know that we must spend our retirement as the longer we delay, the less we will be able to save. Believe it or not, getting started on your savings is not easy hard. Once you get started on the aspects of saving money it will only get easier.

Here are 3 easy ways to save money.

Get Autopilot

If you find yourself having a hard time trying to save money, you will need to make the process of saving money as easy as possible. If your employer offers a retirement plan, take the opportunity to use payroll deduction and start saving. If not, you can always use direct deposit from your bank account on a monthly basis.

For most people, saving their pay on an automatic basis leaves them in fear about whether or not they will have enough to cover the bills. However, when they decide to wait and see how much they have left, they always find a way to spend money. You will have to build your savings into your budget. Otherwise, you will not be able to save anything.

Save 2% for Every Paycheck

How do you start saving without breaking your budget? The objective is to start small. In fact, you can consider this method as training for a marathon. Start saving just 2% of your monthly earnings. This means that for every $1,000, you will save $20. You can slowly increase your savings by 10% once you begin to establish your income. The main idea is to save in chunks. This means you can start by saving $50 a month, then increase it to $75.

Adjust the Federal Tax

When people hold a high amount of their paychecks, you are essentially giving an interest-free loan for the year. Instead, you can adjust your federal withholding to help you gain a minimal amount back. This will allow you to use have as home pay and use it towards your savings.

In what ways do you plan to save money? Comment below and let us know!…