Breakdown Cover for Those Dark and Stormy Nights

5th March 2019 Scott Howe 0

Many good stories, the kind that have you shivering under the covers, start out “It was a dark and stormy night…” or some variation on that theme. It might be “The wipers were barely keeping up with the wet snow,” or “The glare off the salt flats was blinding,” or even “It was a sunny day, with scarcely a cloud in the sky,” but you know that the next literary device is going to be something scary that is going to mess up the character’s day.

Good in Fiction, Not Good in Life

While a roadside mechanical failure might be a good literary device, whether it is a blow-out on a lonely road in the middle of an ice storm or a radiator doing an imitation of a geyser when you are driving through burning hot desert, it is not an enjoyable experience in real life. As one fictional character once pointed out, adventures are nasty things that make you late for dinner. Breakdown cover for you or your vehicle can take some of the uncertainty out of mechanical failure, whether it is a dead battery while your vehicle is setting in your driveway or having to take the sand-trap exit when your brakes fail on a lonely mountain road. Unexpected mechanical failure can be frustrating at best and scary at worst. Breakdown cover gives you a friend who is always available to help.

How it Works

Breakdown cover started almost as soon as there were automobiles. Enthusiasts knew that those early vehicles tended to breakdown a lot, so they formed clubs and installed keyed call boxes along the roads so people could reach out and get some help if their vehicle failed. Over time, those clubs evolved into roadside assistance, often arriving in the form of a mechanic on a motorcycle laden with parts and maybe even a spare can of petrol. By the 1970s, as vehicles have become more complicated, a van operated by a licensed mechanic, would show up at your location. The van is stuffed with all sorts of spare parts for common, universal breakdowns, such as replacement batteries, fan belts, tires, and more. When you call your breakdown cover’s dispatcher, he or she sends out the van closest to you.

What if the Roadside Mechanic Can’t Fix It?

There are a lot of problems a roadside mechanic can fix in thirty minutes or less. But no one wants to be alongside a busy highway, especially in inclement weather. If the mechanic finds that the problem is too big for a roadside repair, he or she will call an appropriate vehicle to transport your car or truck to a covered repair facility. If you have the right kind of policy, there might even be an option for getting you to your next destination or to arrange for interim transport until your vehicle can be repaired.

Types of Breakdown Cover

Breakdown insurance coverage varies from company to company, and with the type of policy you select. It can begin with “social and domestic” coverage which takes care of driving to the grocery store or to a friend’s house. It often has location limits. Commuter insurance takes care of the daily drive to your commuter parking lot or your place of business. Business insurance is a step up from there, covering activities such as transporting people or goods, selling or lecturing. In addition, you can get the insurance on yourself so that it covers any vehicle you drive, or you can get it to cover your vehicle, regardless of who is driving.…

4 Habits That Will Lead You to Financial Freedom

20th September 2017 Scott Howe 0

For most people, their dream is to achieve financial freedom. However, not many take the appropriate steps to making their efforts towards that goal. That is why we are here to discuss the most useful habits that help pave the way.

Here are 4 habits that will lead you to financial freedom.

Make Life Goals

Consider what financial freedom may mean for you. What does it mean to become free from financial strains? You will need to write down how much you need to have in your bank account and what you need to do to achieve the lifestyle habits. Be more specific about your goals. Write it down and put the goals in a spreadsheet.

Make a Monthly Budget

Try to make a monthly household budget to help you ensure that all bills are ready to be paid and still have enough for your savings. This monthly routine will allow you to reinforce your goals and reduce the temptation to spend.

Skip the Credit Debt

Credit cards are toxic to your savings. Try to refrain from using high-interest credit cards and use the money that you saved to make necessary purchases. If you already have a pay day loan, you will need to make it a point to pay it off in full. From student loans to mortgages and other loans, be sure to pay those off as soon as possible.

Start an Automatic Savings

Use your monthly paycheck to enroll in your employer’s retirement plan and make full use of the benefits. It is also smart to start an energy fund savings that will be useful for any unexpected expenses. The money should be placed on the same day you receive your check. This means you will not be able to touch it and help avoid temptations of spending it.

The main idea is to live below your means and master the frugal lifestyle. Having a strong mindset of living with less can help prepare you for a comfortable living. Making small adjustments will help you determine what you need rather than things you want.…

3 Easy Ways to Save Money

16th August 2017 Scott Howe 0

As humans enjoy instant gratification, many of us spend our money so natural that saving it would nearly sound impossible. However, we all know that we must spend our retirement as the longer we delay, the less we will be able to save. Believe it or not, getting started on your savings is not easy hard. Once you get started on the aspects of saving money it will only get easier.

Here are 3 easy ways to save money.

Get Autopilot

If you find yourself having a hard time trying to save money, you will need to make the process of saving money as easy as possible. If your employer offers a retirement plan, take the opportunity to use payroll deduction and start saving. If not, you can always use direct deposit from your bank account on a monthly basis.

For most people, saving their pay on an automatic basis leaves them in fear about whether or not they will have enough to cover the bills. However, when they decide to wait and see how much they have left, they always find a way to spend money. You will have to build your savings into your budget. Otherwise, you will not be able to save anything.

Save 2% for Every Paycheck

How do you start saving without breaking your budget? The objective is to start small. In fact, you can consider this method as training for a marathon. Start saving just 2% of your monthly earnings. This means that for every $1,000, you will save $20. You can slowly increase your savings by 10% once you begin to establish your income. The main idea is to save in chunks. This means you can start by saving $50 a month, then increase it to $75.

Adjust the Federal Tax

When people hold a high amount of their paychecks, you are essentially giving an interest-free loan for the year. Instead, you can adjust your federal withholding to help you gain a minimal amount back. This will allow you to use have as home pay and use it towards your savings.

In what ways do you plan to save money? Comment below and let us know!…

5 Benefits of Going Through A Financial Detox

7th July 2017 Scott Howe 0

Ever wondered what it is like to a 30-day financial detox? All it takes is self-control and the frequent “Do I need this?” questions you must ask yourself. If the answer is no, leave it. When you come to think of it, there are plenty of things that can be cut out of your monthly budget – cable TV, subscriptions, gym membership, etc.

Here are 5 benefits of going through a financial detox.

Determine Your Monthly Expenses

By going through a detox, you will gain a better understanding of what your basic monthly expenses are. This is important to know when you are ready to prepare for your retirement and how much income you will need to cover your monthly bills.

Cut Unnecessary Costs

Through a financial detox, you will be able to cut costs in areas that are not necessary. You might even discover just how much you do not really need on a monthly basis.

Gain a Fresh Perspective

Once you go through a detox, you will gain a better understanding of your expenses and what you really need. Instead of spending money on the latest phone, you can think about saving the amount and get yourself much closer to financial freedom than you were yesterday. While you might not think that way forever, you can always go through another financial detox and help regain your perspective on saving money.

Find Cost-Friendly Alternatives

When you go through a detox, you might even discover that there are some cheaper services that you can use instead of what you are used to.

Live a Simple lifestyle

Once you have discovered that you do not need to save money to enjoy the finer things in life, you can focus on spending on what you really need. Focus your money that contributes to your health and well-being.…